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  • Friction 4-CD Series
    A look at the life of the prophet Daniel as he learned how to thrive in the tension between Culture and Faith. Through this series, we see that life is full of struggle and confrontation, but that it's in the middle of these conflicts when God works out His most perfect plans.
    Includes the messages When Worlds Collide, Crisis, The Responding and History in Advance.
  • Honestly Book
    Your life is messy, hard, and uncertain right now ‑ and if it isn't, it has been or it will be. Messiness is the human condition. Part of the messiness is the unpredictability of life, not the unrelenting evil of life. And Jesus shows up inside all of that, because He experienced every aspect of what it's like to be human: joy, physical pain, family arguments, frustration, existential trauma, and more. Daniel Fusco, a pastor and jazz musician, riffs on the major themes of the book of Ephesians to help each of us find God in the midst of our mess. This book will reveal the keys to overcoming unpredictability, physical, mental and emotional issues in your life.
  • No Higher Name Worship CD
    This worship CD is from the talented worship team at Crossroads Community Church where Daniel Fusco is Pastor. This CD is brand new and features 10 original songs that are spirit led and uplifting. This is an amazing CD performed by amazing musicians and vocalists.

History in Advance Bundle

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