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  • Friction 4-CD Series
    Have you ever felt like your life was meant for a greater purpose? We all have a sense, deep-down, that we are here for a reason. But often times, we get in our own way and miss out on the great things God has for us because we are too focused on ourselves and our own plans for our lives. Pastor Daniel shares with us that God does have a plan ‑ and He wants us to be a part of it! We simply need to respond to Jesus, and allow His work to take hold of our lives.
    Sermon titles:
    • When Worlds Collide
    • Crisis
    • The Responding
    • Flashpoint
  • A Bigger Story CD
    It is thought provoking to recognize that the triumphal entry was part of a much bigger story and not just an isolated event. It was an integral part of God's plan ‑ one that He shared with the world through the Prophet Daniel n his amazing "Seventy-sevens" prophecy in Chapter 9 of the book of Daniel. Be prepared to be amazed!
  • Jesus is Real Coffee Mug
    Reminds you each morning, and all day long, that you serve a living Savior who wants a personal relationship with you even when life around you gets a little messy.
  • Jesus is Real Leather Bracelet
    This handmade leather bracelet reminds you to pray for those who need your prayers. When you wear it you'll be reminded of God's love in your life those that are less fortunate.

A Bigger Story Bundle

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