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  • Friction 2-CD Series
    It's good to know that, when things get rough, someone "has our back". No matter what we are going through, we can turn to the Lord in prayer, knowing that he hears, and he answers. In these messages, Daniel shows us that when life is at it's most intense, it's in those moments that we should find ourselves running to God with our prayers, and finding our strength in Him.
  • How to Cope CD
    The friction that exists between culture and faith can be overwhelming and really wear a person out. And as the saying goes, "it’s often darkest right before the sun rises." In fact, many times the tension becomes even greater as the end of an ordeal approaches. So how do we cope in those seasons of intense discord? We can again learn from the prophet Daniel how to cope in tenuous times in the right way.
  • Honestly book
    Life is messy... Let's face it. We start each day with great plans to do great things and we end those days, it seems sometime often, feeling like we've survived a train wreck. When a relationship is messy, it leads us to feelings of despair. When our finances are a mess, it can lead us to discouragement. When our bodies... our health is a mess... fear, worry and more can stop us in our tracks. In this new book, you will discover how Jesus walked through many of the same obstacles and disappointments that you are facing right now ‑ but how, in spite of the mess, Jesus reigned in VICTORY over every circumstance and how you can too! NO MATTER HOW far gone or how upside down things may seem, know that there is an understanding waiting for you today, found in this insightful and revolutionary book. As you flip the pages, you will learn how God can turn any bad situation around, and that you have been SET UP to reign in power and authority as a child of the MOST HIGH King! You will tap into God's strategy for you which will lift you up out of financial burden, repair a damaged relationship, bring healing to your heart, your mind and body, and more. Daniel Fusco wants you to know that God is real and he has something extraordinary for you and today is your day to find that out!

How to Cope Bundle

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