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  • Finding the Heart of Marriage CD
    If there was ever a battleground for truth in our culture, it is in the realm of marriage. People hold very passionate and conflicting views about this topic. But, as is His trademark, Jesus chooses to unpack marriage in a very unique way. His ability to get to the heart of what matters most in marriage is a truth as much needed today as when He first spoke it.
  • Two (2) REAL Coffee Mugs
    Reminds you each morning, and all day long, that you serve a living Savior who wants a personal relationship with you even when life around you gets a little messy.
  • Two (2) REAL Leather Bracelets
    This handmade leather bracelet reminds you to pray for those who need your prayers. When you wear it you'll be reminded of God's love in your life and those that are less fortunate.

Finding the Heart of Marriage Bundle

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